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1. I won't say my name but please call me Hikari or Raito (since it's related to my real name).
2. Please DON'T call me Mochi.
3. I was born in the same year as Satou Shouri (Sexy Zone) and Lewis Jesse.
4. I was born in the same month as Kouchi Yugo (Bakaleya 6)
5. I'm sorry, most of my postings are in Bahasa Indonesia.
6. I'm not a fujoshi, but BL is okay for me.
7. I'm an ordinary high school student in Bandung.
8. I'm a KY (空気読めない kuuki yomenai)
9. I can easily lost focus.
10. My brain can easily lost it's connection.
11. I love J.E. artists.
12. I love Hey! Say! JUMP.
13. I love Nakajima Yuto and Kouchi Yugo.
14. I love Okamoto Keito.
15. I love Arashi's members.
16. I love Satou Shouri and Sakurai Sho.
17. I love B.I. Shadow with four members (and also Takahata Misaki)
18. I love Arashi.
19. I like Sexy Zone.
20. I like Morimoto Ryutaro and Matsushima Sou.
21. I like watching The Shounen Club and J.E's events.
22. I like Johnny's Junior even if they younger than me.
23. I don't like K-POP (no offense!) They're too perfect to be real.
24. I don't like people who always compare J-POP and K-POP, I mean, it's different and have each good point and bad point.
25. I don't like physics and chemistry.
26. I don't like tomatoes and onions.
27. I hate J.E. artists faker who disguise themselves as real one.
28. I hate people who asks an obvious thing just for getting attention.
29. I hate back-stabbers.
30. I hate dorky people.
31. I'm making Arashi, Sexy Zone, and Hey! Say! JUMP fanfictions.
32. I'm making B.I. Shadow and other Johnny's Junior fanfictions.
33. I learned some Hey! Say! JUMP's dances.
34. I can speak English and Japanese a little.
35. I like making funny expressions.



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